It was one of the first Greek conquests in Sicily since then as the story of all of Sicily was conquered by Arabs, Romans, Normans and Aragons Spanish. Among the many Greek works we remember, the Greek theater of Syracuse, which is a true work of art and technology for the time, still in use for summer theater performances. Among the places to visit, the beach of Arenella, the seaside resort “Ognina” where we find crystal clear water and depths to be explored, the seaside resort “Punta Asparano”, a beach nestled between the Mediterranean and a charming blue sea, and finally for those who love snorkeling, the seaside resort of La Maddalena Peninsula, it is the perfect place for your dives.
Syracuse Cicero called the most beautiful of all the cities of Greece and Ortigia and the legend of his nymph Arethusa, is the emblem.